Transitioning to school

Transitioning into St Patrick's Special School

The school understands the importance of the transition process for new students. The staff at St Patrick's support families and students throughout this process to ensure a smooth transition. Students who enrol at St Patrick's Special School join us from various environments such as mainstream schools, homeschooling, pre-schools and/or interstate.

Our parents and caregivers have identified a number of key questions that families ask when exploring school options for their child.  Responses to these questions are listed below.

How can I help my child settle into school?

Prior to beginning at the School, a transition program is organised for your child. 

This will vary from child to child and will include a range of supports including social stories, photos and visits.  We do our best to make sure we answer your questions and provide the right support for your child.

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What happens if my child is not toilet trained before he/she starts school?

Class teachers in collaboration with parents/carers develop a Personal Care Plan for individual students to support each child.

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What if my child requires support with dressing and/or feeding?

Support is offered according to your child’s needs. Class teachers in collaboration with parents/carers develop goals for the PPL (Personalised Plan for Learning) to promote independence in dressing and feeding.

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What school supports are there for parents/carers when their child starts at St Patrick’s?

  • Parent/Carer Welcome Evening
  • Morning Tea and Information Sessions
  • Parent Resource Library
  • Regular Newsletters

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Does the school offer Allied Health support?

Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapists work in the classroom with students.


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How will the school cater for my child’s sensory needs? (eg food)

Class teachers work in collaboration with the Occupational Therapists to adapt the environment and tasks to cater for the sensory needs of students.

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Does St Patrick’s curriculum offer an opportunity to develop life skills?

Yes it does. Staff work in collaboration with parents to identify long term goals promoting independent life skills.

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How can I support my child at home with their learning?

The class teacher and allied health staff can provide suggestions and resources to support your child’s ongoing learning at home. Staff work collaboratively with parents and carers to support families in providing children with the best learning environment possible.

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Is the school wheelchair/mobility aid friendly?

The school is wheelchair/mobility aid friendly and includes ramps and wide doorways/passageways.

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What benefits am I and/or my child entitled to now my child has started school?

There are a number of benefits for which you and your child may be eligible:

  • Companion Card
  • Centrelink allowances (various)

Please contact our office if you would like more information for your St Patrick's Special School student.

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