The curriculum at St Patrick’s Special School celebrates our catholicity and promotes the dignity of each student. We respect the diversity of students and their families, recognising their culture, language, practices, values and beliefs. Importantly, we foster real partnerships.

The curriculum provides a basis for life-wide learning, both within and beyond the home and is supported by healthy, safe and stimulating learning environments. It promotes students’ rights to be recognised and respected and to develop and use their voice as contributing members of the school and the local and wider community.

The curriculum has an emphasis on literacy, numeracy, communication and daily living skills.

Our curriculum is an integrated, developmentally appropriate curriculum that encompasses the learning outcomes in Belonging, Being & Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

Working in partnership with families, students and external agencies, teachers draw on their professional knowledge and in-depth knowledge of each student to develop a Personalised Plan for Learning (PPL). The plan is structured around the learning areas of Communication, Social Development, Sensory Integration, Gross Motor, Work Education and The Arts.